San Francisco Centre

865 Market St
San Francisco, CA 94103

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Sr. Director of Retail Delivery Scott Priester
+1 (310) 689-2586
Director - Retail Design Jimmy Turner
+1 (847) 899-6464
Property Address
San Francisco Centre
865 Market St
San Francisco, CA 94103


Delivery Address
San Francisco Centre
865 Market St
San Francisco, CA 94103

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San Francisco Centre is proud to partner with the best retailers in the finest locations. With over 35 centers nationwide, Westfield is always excited to showcase the newest additions to our properties, from kiosks to retail shops to large restaurants and entertainment centers. Here are some examples of our recent tenant buildouts.

  • Storefront Height – Exact height (11’-18’-3” H per zone requirement)
  • Storefront finishes – Architectural grade authentic materials, factory finished brake metal may not exceed 20% of storefront finishes, standard aluminum storefront systems not approved
  • Glass Height – Incorporate an element of full height glazing into façade, height varies depending on zone requirement, low-iron glass
  • Glass Door Height – 10’ H minimum
  • Design Control Zone – Entire sales floor
  • Transparency Percentage – Maximum transparency required (70% minimum transparency).
  • Signage – One sign per elevation, 18” maximum height signage (no trimcaps, exposed raceways, or box/panel signs)
  • Blade Signage – Varies depending on zone requirement
  • Window Signage – Optional – 3” H letters mounted to second surface of glazing at 3’ AFF
  • Bulkhead Conditions – Tenant to maintain storefront heights with tenant finishes per zone requirements, mall bulkhead conditions to be preserved
  • Neutral Pier Conditions – Depending on location, existing or new to mall, criteria per zone
  • Image Displays – Digital monitors and internally illuminated light boxes to be set back 10’ from lease line or installed on interior demising wall
  • Security Systems – to be fully concealed
  • Mechanical system type
Building 1 (865 Market St.) – Central Air System with cooled air at 56 degrees F, cooling only
Building 2 (845 Market St.) – Condenser Water System with Outside Air Provided at 55 degreesF.
  • Electrical conditions – 277/480
  • Smoke Evac – Yes
Building 1 (865 Market St.) – Purge system, common plenum – air transfer opening at 4sf per 1000 CFM, smoke exhaust fan
Building 2 (845 Market St.) – Passive system, common plenum – air transfer opening with walls held down 6” from deck, smoke tight storefront
  • Sprinklers
Building 1 (865 Market St.) – Standard recessed sprinklers water curtain at storefront
Building 2 (845 Market St.) – WS Sprinklers at storefront on tenant side, WS Sprinklers at both sides of glazed storefront at Connector Zone
  • Standard length of process – Permit time is average 6-8 weeks
  • Need Landlord approved drawings to submit? – No
  • Other required approvals:
Base building MEP engineer of record – WSP Group
Smoke control consultant – Jensen Hughes
  • Precon is required – Tenant GC to set up meeting with Facilities Director prior to start
  • GC required for permit issuance. – Yes
  • GC Labor Requirement – GC required to be signatory to local carpenter’s union, all subcontractors and laborers required to be signatory to respective union

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